Your Power Brokers

Testing your car and our custom builds on the DYNO!

We have installed a new 2013 Dynojet Model 224xLC 2000 hp chassis Dyno with Eddy Current Brake option for full spectrum on-site performance analysis, tuning and custom load testing. 

Want more data beyond typical RPM, Power and Torque output......we have the latest OBDII module to grab all the PCM data, Air/Fuel wideband module (tailpipe and exhaust bung capability) and Boost module for accurate supercharger or turbo power-adder readings, right from your blower to see how your boosted engine is truly performing!

Nothing better than getting a baseline of what you have when you come in and then seeing how a bolt-on part or custom tune performs by validating it on the Dyno while you wait!
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